This is Dave and Nick, two common hunters who are obsessed with hunting and the great outdoors! We are the co-founders of Common Hunter, a small mid-Michigan hunting supply company. We saw an opportunity to create and sell innovative and useful hunting products that would give a competitive edge to us and our customers. We are pursuing our dream of growing a company in the field that we are most passionate about, while providing outstanding value to our customers (and in many cases future friends) in the process.

Our Goal

To provide unique, high-quality products that are affordable for the “Common Hunter” — folks like us. We plan to give you the tools that you need to maximize your hunting capability and achieve your goals. Whether it be shooting your first deer, collecting meat for your family, harvesting a spike horn or the buck of a lifetime, we hope to be with you in the field in product and in spirit.

Customer satisfaction is honestly our #1 priority. Through our first year of business, we have personally spoken or messaged hundreds of customers. We’ve formed many friendships and partnerships that will continue to thrive for years to come. We take great pride not only in the product satisfaction that our customers have shown, but more importantly in the numerous reviews on Amazon and social media that tout our one-of-a-kind customer service.

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