So I bought the Common Hunter Ozone Eliminator unit from Common Hunter at the Columbus Ohio Deer and Turkey Expo this past year, spring of 2018. I purchased a new tote for all my clothes and boots and set up my tote in preparation for the upcoming 2018 season. I drew a Kansas Whitetail tag for the 2018 season. It was an early muzzle-loader season and the weather was perfect for this time of the year. I hunt strictly private ground in Pratt County, Kansas. I do not use a guide or outfitter, I just hunt on my own on the private property. We had lots of pictures of this one particular buck the last three years, he was definitely our target buck. We had him narrowed down to a square mile, to where we knew he was living. I hunted several different locations on that farm without seeing him at all.

It took till Thursday till I narrowed it down to where he was bedded. I then was able to slip in during the afternoon and hunt him on a wind that was almost perfect for him and totally wrong for me. At this point, I was relying on my clothes being completely scent free so he wouldn’t wind me. When he got out of his bed, he walked right over in my direction, I waited till he got broadside and I took the shot. He dropped where he stood. The quest was over. As I walked up to the buck I realized there wasn’t any ground shrinkage and that he was truly a giant buck. I have the Common Hunter Ozone Eliminator system and it was because of that I was able to sneak in on this great buck and kill a trophy whitetail. Truly a hunt of a lifetime on private ground without any guides.

Thank you, Common Hunter and I am happy to join the Common Hunter Family! My buck scored 174 1/8 non-typical. As long as I am using the Common Hunter products, I will continue to fill my tags.

Hunter: Grant Nicodemus
Location: Kansas
Weapon: Muzzle-loader

Grant - Kansas Buck Trophy 2


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