If you are often out in the wild on a hunting trip with your trail camera (or even a regular one), your SD card must be running out of memory quite fast, and you need to free up space somehow. You can, of course, bring a few memory cards with you. But what if you need to view your photos on the spot? So, laptop, phone?

However, phones or tablets, unlike cameras, use MicroSD cards, so there’s no way to insert an SD Memory card in your phone. Or is there? You bet, there is. With the help of an SD card external viewer, you can view, share, save or delete all the pictures taken by your trail camera on your phone.

Premium SD Memory Card For Trail Cameras

Common Hunter SD card viewers are available in a variety of models for different smartphones with diverse capabilities at affordable prices. And here’s a short guide on how to choose the right one for your benefit.

Which SD Card Viewer Matches Your Phone?

First of all, specify the type of memory card in your camera. You can find the type and format of your memory card on its label. Starting from there, you can choose an appropriate type of card viewer you will need.

As card viewers usually plug to your mobile device through a USB port, this is an essential thing you need to pay attention to. Depending on the brand and model of your smartphone and the card your camera uses, you can purchase different viewers.

SD Card Viewers for Android

Common Hunter - Trail Cam SD Card Reader for Android 2.0

Android Original Trail Camera viewer is well compatible with most Android phones with the OS 4.4 or higher. It supports both SD and MicroSD cards so that you can view not only the photos with it but also GoPro videos.

Android Trail Camera Viewer 2.0 and Type C are the best selling viewers and have similar features. Both are designed for SD cards up to 32 GB and allow you to view, save, delete or share photos and videos, and they both are portable and easy to use.

The difference between them is the types of Android devices they are compatible with. Viewer 2.0 is designed for devices with Android 4.4 and higher, while Type C viewer supports only the devices with Type C USB port. These devices include new Android phones such as Samsung Galaxy S8/ S9 / Note 8, Moto X & Z, LG G5/G6, etc.

SD Card Viewers for iPhone & iPad

iPhone Advanced Trail Camera Viewer for iPhone & iPad

Apple devices come with a different type of USB port than Android ones, so if you are an owner of an iPhone or iPad, you will need another kind of SD Card Viewer. Common Hunter has a selection of them for various models.

Basic Trail Camera Viewer for iPhone and iPad supports full-size SD cards up to 32 GB, automatically syncs with the phone’s photo gallery, so it doesn’t require an additional app.

Advanced iPhone Trail Camera Viewer is compatible with the new iPhone models (everything starting with the 5 series and newer) and reads SD and MicroSD cards up to 32 GB. It works both with photos and videos.

There’s also iPhone Premium Trail Camera Viewer which works with iPhone 5 models and newer, including the Plus and SE models, and also iPads with a small lightning port. It supports up to 32 GB SD & MicroSD cards transferring data fast. It’s compatible with protective cases and has an additional cord.

So, pick the one that fits best for the model of your phone and have a great hunting trip with the needed photos always handy!

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