By: Cameron Connelly

Every hunter has their own crazy stories or moments in life that just down right makes you smile every time you think of them. I’m grateful enough to have a few of my own floating around in my head, but one in particular that sticks out the most was our 2017 Missouri Bow hunt. Four of us family members made the trip from Northern Michigan to Missouri searching to put a tag on some Missouri whitetail. The minute we arrived at camp we already had all of our stuff out of the trucks and thrown everywhere, we were just itching to get out in the woods to hang stands and hunt. My cousin David and I were hunting the same chunk of land about 300 acres 65% fields and 35% wooded to give you an idea of what we were working with. We split up at the truck and headed our separate ways to hang our stands. I found, what I thought, was a cool spot on the edge of a wet bog and a wooded corridor with cut corn to the south of me and beans to the north. I sat that stand every chance I could depending on wind and weather, I just had a feeling it would produce a chance at a big buck.

After pulling all day sits and lots of rut action I was sure the time for a big one to come cruising by was bound to happen. On November 4th, I had a hot doe come walking behind me but nothing was following her. About a half hour later I started hitting the rattling horns hard just to see if I could get any curious bucks to head my way. Shortly after rattling I heard a buck in the distance going to town on some small trees/brush, he was pissed. I sat there with my bow in hand as he made his way towards my stand. All I could hear was him walking the edge of the bog I couldn’t see him which made it that much more nerve racking. He made a turn to the back of me and stopped behind a big pine and I still couldn’t see him but I had my bow drawn just in case it was a shooter. The suspense was killing me and I was shaking like crazy when finally, he stepped out 20 yards from me and at that exact moment I mumbled all nervously, “Holy big buck” and let that arrow fly. He took off running and I knew I made a good shot when I thought I heard him crash behind me. Then the adrenaline kicked in and your man was shaking the branches right off the tree and mumbling nonsense trying calm down.

I finally got ahold of David to meet me at the truck and I sprinted all the way there because I was so excited. We tracked him down and I about passed out again when I saw a 132” Ten point laying on the ground. I was the happiest guy on the planet and nobody could have taken that moment from me. What an amazing experience with an awesome group of guys and a bunch of meat on the table, what more could you ask for in life.

Whitetail Buck Hunting 3

Whitetail Buck Hunting 2

Hunter: Cameron Connelly (Cousin Coot)

Resides: Bay City, Mi

Weapon: Bowtech BXT

IG: @14connellyc


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