Assassin Wrap – Silence your Hunting Equipment


Assassin Wrap was developed for the hang and hunt hunter. Made to silence all your hunting gear, this product has proven itself to be extremely versatile in its nature. Assassin Wrap is simple but very effective when silencing your tree stands, sticks, and other hunting gear.

*** We are out of camo stock for the year. We only have brown wrap. We are trying  to gauge interest for next year. If you are interested in this product for next year, please send us an email at [email protected] We will give you a coupon for 20% off when the product is available. Thanks!



Don’t let a clanging tree stand give away your perfect spot. With Assassin Wrap from Common Hunter, you can finally hang and hunt knowing that your tree stand and climbing sticks will be quiet. Built for the Public Land Hunter, who Hangs their tree stands and Hunts, the soft and durable Assassin Wrap will keep you secluded in silence to get in close to those bedding areas. Simply remove the adhesive backing and apply to any object that has the ability to cause any excess sound while hunting.

Assassin Wrap was designed and tested for two years, until the right wrap was brought to market. Designed for the Common Hunter, by Common Hunters, it is the most affordable wrap on the market. Assassin Wrap allows you to wrap your hunting gear the way you want, with the ease of cutting the Assassin Wrap to fit the equipment that may make excess noise. Made to be simple and effective, it also comes with the Common Hunter Custom Camo that was designed to keep the product unique. At 23 feet long and 2 inches wide, the design works perfectly for most climbing sticks and tree stands.

Assassin Wrap – Noise Dampening Tape Features:

  • Soft and durable
  • Microsuede Wrap with strong adhesive backing
  • Weatherproof and Rain Resistant
  • 23 feet long and 2 inches wide
  • Available in Camo and Brown

Silence your hunting equipment with Common Hunter’s Assassin Wrap.

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