‘Eliminator O3’ Ozone Generator – Hunting Scent Eliminator

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With the Eliminator O3 Ozone Generator from the guys at Common Hunter, you’ll finally be able to eliminate scents that accumulate on your hunting gear for 1/3 the price of competing ozone generators for hunting. Ozone scent masking technology at a price you can afford.  

Ozone generating unit, discharge hose, 12V AC power adapter AND 12V DC car power adapter.

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The movement of ozone generators and air purification from the construction industry to the hunting industry has been a game changer. This no wash required scent removal technology is an incredible time saver for the Common Hunter. At 1/3 the price of our main competitors, our goal is to make this ozone technology available for all Common Hunters, not just your rich uncle Mark who doesn’t like to share.

With over 99.9% odor removal rates, there has never been a more effective way to remove scents from your gear. At an industry standard 500mg/h flow rate, you can easily remove all of the scents from your hunting gear in just 10 minutes. Whether your gear is in a plastic tub, a duffel bag, or even in the back of your truck, we’ve got you covered. Just stick the discharge hose into the container and let the machine do the rest. 120V house plugin and 12V auto power cords are both included.

Eliminator O3 Ozone Generator For Hunting

The Common Hunter Eliminator O3 Ozone Generator is perfect for the Common Hunter who wants to mount this device on their hunting tote or gear bag. It comes complete with mounting screws to enable it to work on any tote, give you the versatility of selecting the tote of your choice. At 1/3 of the price of others, the same output, why would you pay top dollar when you can create your own custom DIY scent eliminator. Next time you think of ozone generators, think more bang for your buck with the Common Hunter Eliminator O3 Ozone Air Purification Unit.

Although not our direct intention, the ozone generator works well for removing scent in the inside of your vehicle, your garage, your shoes, or even a musty home remodel project.

O3 Ozone Generator Features:

    • 99.9% odor removal
    • 500mg/h flow rate
    • 120V house plugin and 12V auto power cords are both included
    • Works great for garages, shoes, and homes too
    • Backed by the Common Hunter 100% satisfaction guarantee

Please follow all warnings to make sure that ozone is never used in an occupied area. Please allow adequate time (up to 30 minutes) for the ozone to dissipate before entering an area where it was used. The product is not designed to be used in a tree.

Ozone Technology… At a price that you can AFFORD. 


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