A 160 5/8″ buck that vanished after watching him all summer, was now in my archery sights just 15 yards away.

It was Monday, October 16th. As I sat at work I was looking forward to that I was calling an “observation sit” over a freshly cut secluded corn field. Due to the fact I had not run cameras in this piece of timber all year, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. 5pm had finally arrived, and I rushed home, grabbed my gear, and ran to the woods. I was excited because a cold front finally moved in, and it was supposed to be 39 degrees the hour of sunset.

The field had just been harvested two days prior, and I had a great feeling several deer would be using it. As I got settled in the tree I watched as 9 does and 2 small bucks feed 200 yards across the field. Then I looked to my right, and see a shooter step out of the track bed. As he turned, going from left to right I instantly noticed the split g2 on his right side. It was “Sidekick”! A buck that had seemingly disappeared from where I watched him all summer.

He worked a scrape line down the edge of the tracks and was going to go in the woods away from me. I grunted then snort wheezed, his head instantly whipped around, then he started making a B-Line for my tree. He was fired up, stopping at a scrape 30 yards from me, and tearing it to shreds. He stood on his hind legs, and ripped up the licking branch. Then, he cut in the woods trying to get down wind of the source of the grunt/snort wheeze. He is now only 10 yards behind me and hits the trail I walked in on. He instantly turns around and takes a bound to his left.

I draw as he stops in a wide-open lane quartering away at 15 yards. He had me busted, his nose was in the air and he was licking his lips. I knew it was now or never and took my shot. My arrow buried perfectly right behind his shoulder, he runs 60 yards out into the field and goes down in sight. I could not believe it. I had just harvested my #1 hit list deer, a mile from where I got pictures of him all summer. I had a great feeling I’d see a good buck that night, but I never would have thought it would be “Sidekick”. It was a hunt I will never forget!

Hunter: Austin Hintz
Location: Huron County, Ohio
Weapon: Mathews Halon 32
IG: @northernohiooutdoors

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