On Saturday October 14th it was a drizzly, rain-soaked morning. Two weeks into the Michigan archery season, and we were on the cusp of slinging an arrow and closing the coffin on the deer we named The Backyard Buck. We have been watching, glassing, and studying this deer for the better part of 2 months. He got his name because he literally lived in the back yard. We were located smack dab in the middle of farm country of Sanilac County, Michigan. Behind the house, Elk Creek stretches East and West for mile after mile. The farmers recently worked the ground and we were hunting the edge of a corn stubble field along the river. The Backyard Buck made this his core area.

Backyard Buck Photo 1

After watching him night after night we had him patterned. The buck would come out of the designated sanctuary and work his way East through the corn stubble field; stopping only to check scrapes. He would continue East until he got to the next field over which was standing corn. He would check for does and make sure his belly was good and full. He would spend roughly 20-30 minutes before he would make his way back through the timber that sat near the creek. He rarely made himself visible in the evenings, so the plan was made to hunt the creek stand in the early mornings. It was about 52 degrees and without fail The Backyard Buck was on the move. He crossed through the corn stubble at 7:59am. We watched as he then worked his way into the standing corn. Only 20 minutes later he entered the timber where we immediately got eyes on him. He worked his way on an angle left to right in front of the stand. We quickly positioned the camera, drew back, and sent the arrow right into the pump station of one of our biggest bucks to date.

Watch the hunt unfold, click here.

Hunter: Tony Reinke
Resides: Sanilac County, Michigan
Weapon: Moxie Gunny
IG: @tkzoutdoors

Backyard Buck Photo 3

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