I moved to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula 7 years ago. Since then I have been able to harvest everything that this great state has to offer from black bear, grouse, woodcock, turkey, and antlerless deer. Yet, that U.P buck has been able to slip through my fingers. I have been hunting public land since my wife and I made the move north. The challenge that this presents has made my passion for this land increase that much more. It’s been 7 long and trying years in the deer woods. It’s time that I punch my tag on a U.P buck.

Where I work I am able to slip into a stand very easily, and most importantly undetected. I call it the Easy Spot; its name says it all. I have been hunting the Easy Spot for a month and I had a nice buck showing up consistently on trail camera. I ended calling the buck, Basket Case, due to he was a basket 8pt. Basket case would typically show up between 6 and 6:30pm. I am hunting with an open field behind me and the wind in my face. The forest consisted of tall pines, some swamp, and cedars as far as the eye can see. It was the evening of October 26th and the weather was prime for deer movement. It was almost like clockwork when basket case started moving through the pines off my left shoulder. I quickly positioned myself and the camera in the direction he was approaching my stand. He got to within 20yds and immediately stopped. He was a nice 2.5yr old but he was also cautious and smart. He held himself in cover for what felt like forever, but in reality, it was only a few minutes. He finally took the steps I needed and he presented me a broad side shot. It was the opportunity I worked 7 years for, and I made it count.

Watch the hunt unfold, click here.

Buckless Yooper 1

Hunter: Don Brown

Resides: Alger County, Michigan

Weapon: Moxie Valkyrie

IG: @tkzoutdoors

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