After years of hunting hard and passing smaller bucks, this Common Hunter tags his first Pope and Young Buck.

At the age of eight, I was able to watch my Dad arrow his first Pope and Young buck from the tree. I remember that day like it was yesterday every time I drive by the field. Seeing that Buck on the wall growing up and learning what Pope and Young was, made me determined that my first buck would be Pope and Young. Little did I know that it wouldn’t come until 22 years later.

The 2017 season started off promising but quickly turned very slow at the end of October. Not seeing one Buck that could fulfill my goal made me to start to second guess what I was trying to accomplish.

On January 3rd, 2018 the temperature climbed back into twenties after a long cold spell. Having the most deer movement in over a month, I watched the biggest deer we had on camera walk in 25 yards from me. Knowing that this was moment that I had waited for me, I let the arrow fly. My patience and perseverance had paid off. Having my Dad and Grandpa who introduced me to hunting by my side made this hunt even more special.

Hunter: Nick Wise
Location: Coshocton County, Ohio
Weapon: Hoyt Defiant
IG: @beingwiseoutdoors

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