After Turkey Hunting for his first time, Tony now lives for the excitement of Turkey Hunting.

Turkey hunting never really seemed that interesting watching it on tv. A friend of mine invited me to their camp for the 2017 spring turkey season. I thought what the heck, why not. I got off work and drove about an hour and a half to his camp. We set up in a pop-up blind about 30 yards away from a two track the turkeys liked to walk down before they headed to roost. This was all new to me, the terms and the way turkeys acted. The way my friend explained it during this time of year it is like whitetails in the rut.

As we sat in the blind my friend started to call. Using a mouth reed, he started making this sound I had never heard before except on the tv. Shortly after a hen came running out of the woods. It slowed up by us and started doing the same thing. It was so cool to see an animal be so vocal. As the hen made her way by us I leaned over and said, “Man that was sweet.” My friend responded will, “Wait till you hear a tom.” We sat there for about an hour. Within this time, we gobbled and nothing really was responding.

Suddenly from our left we heard a tom gobble. I instantly was hooked. My friend gobbled, and the tom gobbled back. We still could not see the bird as though he must still be coming up the road.  All of a sudden, my friend pointed and said there are two jakes, young toms, coming up the road. They came in running. Then as you see on tv they stopped and fanned out. The only problem was they had not master the art of the tail feathers going up. Instead they stuck straight out the back. I laughed inside thinking of how they think they are doing it right but were not. As they made their way by us we noticed there was a bird sticking right inside the tree line on the back side of the road. It was an older tom. He slowly made his way to where he was right in front of us but on the back side of the tree line still.  I got my gun up and was just following in case he stepped out from behind the trees.

 My friend had just finished saying, “Stay on him in case he pops out on the road.” It was just after the words came from his mouth that the bird turned around and came through the trees right in front of us. I put the bead at the base of his neck and pulled the trigger. As fast as it happened it didn’t seem real. I had just killed my first bird and I was just as jacked as if there was a buck laying in front of me. I could not of dreamt this experience and I would of never had the opportunity to if my friend had never asked me. To this day I cannot thank him enough for the awesome hunt and the memories that were made that day, that’s what its all about being a Common Hunter. Thanks Eric.

Hunter: Tony Carmody
Resides: Marquette, Michigan
Weapon: Mossberg 12-Gauge
IG: @tony_carmody

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