A unique Buck goes down during this Common Hunters time at his Traditional Deer Camp

It was November 17, it had been 6 years since I wrapped my tag on an Upper Peninsula Buck, I had met up with my dad for lunch after the morning hunt. On our way back we had just crested the ridge back to where we hunt and I could see there was a deer in the direction of my blind. We glassed and saw it was a spike. I snuck to my blind without spoking him. This year I had found a new spot. I sat on a ridge shooting north out to a small peninsula that deer always came to before making their way to the ridge.

As I sat there watching the spike maybe ten minutes had gone by. At that point he walked away and bedded down where I could still see him. It was neat to see because it was exactly how you read about a buck bedding. The location, the wind direction and the cover. As he drifted off to sleep a doe came running from my right and stopped right in front of him. She acted as if something was chasing her. At this point I got my gun up and just kept glassing to see what was behind her. She slowly made her way to the ridge but kept looking behind her.

It had been about two minutes and the doe still stood about 60 yards from me in a small opening below the ridge. I had just looked at her and out of the corner of my eye a deer came running out from  right where the spike was bedded. At this point I thought it was the spike. Then I saw the spike run one way and this buck halted from the shock that he had pretty much jumped over the spike that was bedded. I quickly put the crosshairs on the buck and pulled the trigger. He jumped and acted like he was hit. He ran behind a small group of spruce and stood there. I thought, did I just miss that deer? I moved to an opening I thought he would come to. He came around the edge of the trees with his ears back and body looking to fight. At this point it was now or never. I put the cross hairs on his brisket and fired. He dropped right there.

I was so excited to finally kill a buck after a six-year lull. As I admired him I kept trying to see where I hit the deer. My first shot had zipped the back of the deer opening a six-inch gash and my second shot hit right below the white mark on the neck. I just could not bring myself to imagine I was shooting high this whole time and if I would not of shot the second time I may not be here with a buck in my hand. The next day we set a target at 50 yards and sure enough I was shooting just over 6 inches high. To this day that buck would call me lucky but ill take it. The best part of all of it was coming back to a camp full of hunters and celebrating. I am excited to see if I can repeat and continue my luck for the 2018 season.

Hunter: Tony Carmody
Resides: Marquette,  Michigan
Weapon: Savage 308 Rifle
IG: @tony_carmody

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