The Backyard Buck – Story of a Michigan Buck

On Saturday October 14th it was a drizzly, rain-soaked morning. Two weeks into the Michigan archery season, and we were on the cusp of slinging an arrow and closing the coffin on the deer we named The Backyard Buck. We have been watching, glassing, and studying this...

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A Cold Front pushes a Big Ohio Buck into Archery Range.

A 160 5/8" buck that vanished after watching him all summer, was now in my archery sights just 15 yards away. It was Monday, October 16th. As I sat at work I was looking forward to that I was calling an “observation sit” over a freshly cut secluded corn field. Due to...

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The Quest for my first Pope and Young

After years of hunting hard and passing smaller bucks, this Common Hunter tags his first Pope and Young Buck. At the age of eight, I was able to watch my Dad arrow his first Pope and Young buck from the tree. I remember that day like it was yesterday every time I...

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The Story of a Michigan Public Land Buck: King Tut

A Public Land 144" Buck I moved to a new part of Michigan within a month of bow season opener in 2015.  I scouted a lot of ground including a secluded, dense river bottom with mature timber on either side.  I set up a few cameras in areas with buck sign from seasons...

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