With turkey season right around the corner, you have to be ready. Whether it be spring, when most turkey hunting happens, or fall. With the snow melting, we are getting excited to get outside and chase Turkey’s around. What extra gear are you going to need to get besides what you already have for hunting deer? Take into account that you will need to check your local regulations to make sure you know and understand the laws of turkey hunting.

Basic Turkey Hunting Gear Guide

  • Check your shotguns, make sure that they are cleaned and ready to go into the field with you.  Set your sights for turkeys instead of whatever it was set for, to begin with.  Use your decoys of a hen or tom to help focus them in. Tighten up your bowstrings, sharpen your arrow heads if need be, and make sure you don’t move when they get in close!
  • What are you going to wear? Make sure when you are getting ready to go hunting, you dress in complete camo, all of it, from the tip of head to tip of the toe. Face paint would not be a bad idea either. The reason why, is that Turkey live and die by their eye sight. They say that can see 20 times better than us! Regardless of what that is, their eye sight is quite remarkable, they can catch movement from just about anywhere. Now, don’t worry about putting a tent blind, that doesn’t seem to bother them, only if you move. Dress in camo, sit still when they’re present and you’ll have a good chance at killing one.
  • Once out there in the field, you can hunt them two ways. Pop Up Blind or sit against a tree. Either or can find success. Pop up blind gives you more protection, most archery hunters will use blinds as the gun guys will lean up against a tree. Turkeys have keen eyesight, and they will catch any movement their way, being inside a blind may help cover your movement.
  • Are you calling them to you? Yes, you can get several different types of calls to bring the turkeys to you! You have box calls, slate calls, push button calls, and then the diaphragm calls that you insert directly into your mouth. This is one that would be great for anyone, that way you have your hands free to use your bow or shotgun.
  • Now, let’s not forget the most critical piece of your set up for turkey hunting, a small gear bag. This is where you will end up putting the essentials, such as toilet paper, insect repellant, a small knife, and personal information such as your hunter’s license.
  • You do want to make sure that a knife of some sorts is within your bag. That way if for some reason or another that you need to cut something, you have it there with you. And hopefully you are using to breast out your Turkey! The insect repellant is a great thing to have on hand especially during the evenings or after a good rainstorm, as they can become really thick this time of the year.

Hopefully, with these items in your list of being ready, you will have a tremendous and successful hunt for your first turkey! As you get more involved in the hunting, you will know what you will need for turkey hunting.

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