One of my best friends had an accident a few years back and lost almost the entire use of his right hand and a broken back. With what had happened, he hasn’t had much luck getting on deer in the past few years.
This season especially he’s had no luck,  several nice bucks on camera but all have been nocturnal.  I told him a few weeks ago if he would give me a few days around December 1st, I would help him on a good buck. Of course, he didn’t think it would happen with the “bad luck” that he has been dealing with the past few years.
Well, it all came together on the morning of December 1st.  We were sitting in the shooting house together in the morning and he said he had never seen deer in the rain, well it wasn’t 5 minutes later a yearling doe came out. Then shortly after another doe fed across the food plot. It continued to rain and at about 9:45 I was just getting to start packing everything up and a mature doe came into the food plot. She was very nervous and kept looking into the cow pasture to the north. She spooked and ran into the cut over to the south. With that, we decided to sit a bit longer.  About 15 minutes later she came running out and followed by a HUGE buck. We got the rifle out the window of the shooting house, I stopped him perfectly in the lane. He wasn’t able to get on him quick enough for the shot, the buck took back off. I stopped him a 2nd time, this time he was on him and fired.  The buck mule kicked and took off, we were both shook right up, so I shot at him again and missed. Luckily he stopped just before leaving the property and I was able to get one more in him. The buck then ran only 15 yards and piled up. As we were sitting in shock of what just happened, a smaller buck came out and picked right up on the doe trail. 0 We were both so shook up we couldn’t even talk, it was very exciting, to say the least! This deer was on camera last year often but hasn’t showed up since. Actually, not a single mature buck has been on camera on this small tract. All it takes sometimes is a hot doe!  We located him and had zero ground shrinkage and realized he had been previously shot!  He got his largest buck to date and I couldn’t have been more pleased to have been there with him.
I can only imagine the heartbreak the other hunter that lost that deer felt! But the joy it put into his life can’t be replaced. His wife even text me to thank me, she hasn’t seen him smile like that in a long time! It was truly a hunt I’ll never forget.

Hunter: Chad Bragg & his Friend
Location: Mississippi

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