With the cold front that was coming this past weekend on Friday evening,  we decided to load up and head to our lease up in Kentucky on Saturday Morning. After we arrived, we went and checked the cameras that we had on the property. After viewing the pictures, we had very few deer using the fields and corn, we thought we had to get onto acorns with the mass crop we had this year. Typically, we will have deer all over our fields, this year was different.

After figuring out a game plan, we decided to put some boot leather down and figure out where these deer were living. After we checked a few spots, we found the acorns, located on the highest point of the lease. You could tell right away, there were definitely deer frequently visiting this area. We came across an old ladder stand that was up there and left by the previous hunters who leased the property. After discussing our options, we knew the ladder stand was the best option.

Kentucky Buck Trail Cam

Saturday evening came, I ended up heading into that ladder stand and saw 7 does. Sunday morning came, I made the long hike up the mountain and was ready to kill before daylight.  At 7:16 this buck walked up the hill and I had no doubt I was shooting him. 1 shot from my new TC encore Muzzleloader (just bought Friday) and he was done. He managed to run approximately 30yds and crashed. What a great buck! We made a change when it was needed and capitalized on the opportunity!

While retrieving my buck we managed to get the Polaris ranger high centered on a stump and had to call someone to bring a chainsaw. Needless to say, it was quite the adventure!!

Kentucky Buck Hunting

Hunter: Chad Bragg

Location: Kentucky

Weapon: TC Encore Muzzleloader

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